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Mobilize Qlik Sense dashboards.


Turn your Qlik Sense dashboards into beautiful custom mobile apps without coding and spending too much.

Writeback on the go

The new mobile writeback feature gives you the ability to enter or edit data directly into your Qlik Sense apps on the go. Design your mobile app layout and your form screens, connect them to your Qlik app and you're ready to go. Moreover, it works with both SaaS and Windows editions of Qlik Sense

Mobile alerts on the go

Design your mobile alerting conditions and form screens tailored for the needs of the users in your organization. Eliminate their dependency on a PC screen to be able to set any sophisticated alert easily. Harness the power of the mobile UX to interact and play with your data on the go.

White-label apps

Since Noblapps platform delivers a white-label mobile app, you can use your company logo or use the color set in your corporate identity to easily rebrand it as your own. Make them unique, make them completely yours. Impress your executives by showing how easy and fast an analytics app go live

Look&feel customization

You no longer have to stick to a specific mobile analytics app design. Freely create the design of your own mobile application yourself without the need for any additional developer resources. Customize menus and tab order, components, page transitions and actions as you want.

Reduced development costs

Get rid of any custom app development and maintenance costs. Update and republish your design periodically as you wish. No more worrying about version incompatibilities and dealing with development glitches.


Up to 2 users, you can build, publish and update your mobile apps completely for free

Best UX

Mobile business intelligence now meets best UX possible as it deserves


Design your app with your company"s corporate identity (colors, icons) and make it completely yours

iOS & Android

Both iOS and Android devices are supported

Native Charts

Mobile native charts give you the best possible chart interaction experience


No need to write a single line of code to build your corporate mobile analytics app, it is all covered by Noblapps Builder


Set your alerts on kpis instantely and receive push notifications when they reach their targets

Easy Deployment

Create and publish tailor-made mobile layouts to best fit different organization levels in your company. Technically, you can even create separate apps for each user in your company

EMM Support

We love EMM. MobileIron and AirWatch, field tested. Done!

Data security

End-to-end data encryption is a standard feature for the apps you build with Noblapps

SaaS ready

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS & Qlik Sense Business supported

Active Intelligence

Unveil the power of true active intelligence by letting anyone be an action taker on the go